Text Marquee from the Blocs Store

Hi all, I’ve downloaded this and built it into the Colchester Cycling Campaign site – three news tickers on the front page.

I’m not convinced it’s the most elegant solution. It doesn’t look like you have control of the text size and my spacing is awry. I’ve also had to put in a separate link beneath each marquee.

I also included a marquee into my “gimmicks” page. The text here is bigger and the effect is better but I can’t make out what I’ve done differently. I’ve tried changing between H1 and paragraph but without luck.

Any ideas?

You have pretty good control over the colour, font and text size via the settings. Have you actually set up text sizes in project settings for the different text types?



Ah, that may be it. I’m updating a site I haven’t touched in about a year. Tx.