Text Shadow Angle Will Not Save

Adding text shadow to an h1 within a div ‘hero’. Using .hero h1 as my selector. It’s in the class manager and when I select it and try to add a text shadow the modified angle will not change. Of note, I had trouble changing the other text shadow properties until I closed the app - then things decided to take. What’s going on with the angle value not saving?

I had a simular situation until I recognized that you need to use the wheel.
Working on numbers only would not do.


Good to know.
Happened to me with box shadow.

It´the same with the gradients. They sometimes only appear in the live view if you move the panel.
Just play around

Sometimes it doesn’t even remember the color.

Thanks for the heads up. I gave up trying to get it to work and switched to modifying the borders. Now I can’t get those to work properly. I just want a top and bottom border but every time I set the full border to ‘none’ or 0px, it resets either/or the top and bottom borders to the same. It seems I can either have a full border (which I don’t need on an edge-to-edge div) or I can have none.

You trying to add borders to text objects?

No, just to a div. Although it seems to be working now. I had to save multiple times and reset the view in browser many times before it seemed to take though.

What zoom level were you at? When zoomed out, the borders are too thin so they don’t appear on some displays.

Also take care to hard refresh if you are previewing in browser, the cache can stick on some browsers.

I do not understand the position of the dot on the wheel wrt the position of the shadow. I thought that if the dot is 45° down on the right (115°), the shadow would be 45° down on the right of the text. To get the shadow there, the dot has to be put 45° UP ! Not very intuitive. (v 2.4.0 b19)