Text size confusion

There’s probably a very simple explanation for this, but I can’t figure it…

If I type one size in the class editor (20pt) the Type Settings sidebar continues to show 18pt.

If I delete that, an automatic class appears alongside the one I’m trying to change, in this case .weeks.

So, why are two pt sizes shown; why does a random automatic class pop up; and which of the three takes priority?


Try to delete the values in the paragraph (18/40).
The class “weeks” might have a conflict with those settings.

Check if you have given that specific paragraph this class.
If you don´t want it there also delete uncheck the the class for that paragraph.

Yeah, thanks, but I can’t get my head round having, it seems, three ways of specifying type size.

Here’s a grab of what I meant by an ‘automatic’ class being added - so auto class (p-bloc-17-style), my class (weeks) and Type Settings all working together (or not).

Struggling to work out which control is ‘boss’.

Oh yes, that p-bloc-17-style looks like a freehand class.
Did you try to delete that class (not only clicking it away)?

Man, I’ve done all sorts of random stuff trying to figure out what’s going on.

Stumbling around in the dark!

(There’s a fourth way of editing text also… the Formatting Controls on the bric.)

I’m assuming there’s some sort of logic and hierarchy to editing text - specifically text size in various break points - I just don’t know what it is.

No one method seems to (reliably) ‘over-write’ the others.

Sorry Ian,
I can´t follow this issue either.
Do you have some paragraph settings in the page or project settings?

Nope, neither.

My brain hurts :confounded:


Type Settings overwrites Class Editor.

Class Editor has no effect on Type Settings.

Type Settings creates a new class (p-bloc-17-style in above illustration), leaving the original one unchanged (weeks).

Sheesh. If there’s a logic to this, I can’t see it.

It seems that the order of classes in the paragraph class window may be significant with the classes lower in window having precedence over classes higher in window. I was able to create a new custom class that was displayed below a previously created free-hand class and the text size setting of custom class overrode the freehand class. Maybe try that experiment.

Regarding your original question on different type sizes showing in type setting and class editor window, I did a similar experiment that showed a difference in size, but then clicked done button. After that, I clicked on another text object, then re-clicked original object. After re-clicking, type setting and freehand class now showed same size. Maybe that’s what needs to be done for updated text size to be seen in both areas.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have different results. Btw, I’m also trying to learn more about hierarchy of class attributes using Blocs. Not an easy thing to figure out. :slight_smile:

@ian there is logic behind this.

  1. The project setting is the default text size you want Blocs to use when you add a bric to the page. Any bric you add will use the default setting “you” specified.

  2. The default size you specified will always show up in the side inspector. If you change the text size in the sidebar it automatically creates a class. Note: this does not change the default text size “you” specified in project settings.

  3. Blocs also create a class automatically using the text control on the canvas, again this does not change the default text size.

  4. You can also create a class manually and again this does not change the default text size.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, that makes sense, but over the website I’ve got multiple fonts and font sizes, and when multiplied by breakpoints there are even more.

So I think I’m still mired in 3 - 4 different ways of specifying point sizes, some of which seem to take precedence over others, and frustratingly, frequently appear incorrectly in Solis*.

Or… are you saying that setting a default, even if I don’t really use it, makes the 3 - 4 font control methods work in unison?

*Which is another gripe - Solis is no substitute for uploading the website changes and previewing them on multiple physical devices - after clearing caches of course. Fortunately I have kept some of my old devices, alongside the new - iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone X, MacBook, iMac. It’s a faff, but the only reliable way :confounded:

I’m saying set all your default font settings in the project manager. (all breakpoints). If you want to change a default font use the project manager.

If you want a special font for an area just create a custom class. Name it something that makes sense (my H3).

I use these two methods almost exclusively. I know Blocs will create a class for me but I prefer to name my own. This way I know what my “custom classes” are.


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