Text sizing and padding

I would like to see Rem text sizing where we have an option to define text sizing precisely on a project wide basis according to the device type.

As an example you could set H1 as 1.90 Rem on mobile, but 3.20 on tablet or larger. The paragraph text could be 1.10 Rem on mobile, but 1.20 on table or larger. Everything could be tweaked after previewing the page.

This would allow us much more control over the appearance of text and spacing, unless this can already be done somehow. I looked at the Em options in the project settings but this is limited to single digits, so it’s either 1,2 or 3 etc.

I would also like to see Rem spacing for padding rather than px, since Rem is proportional rather than a fixed value. By using Rem we should maintain a similar feel for spacing across different devices.

As always I am very happy to learn if there is a better way this can be done with Blocs that I don’t know about.