Text surrounding image

Is it possible to have some text “wrap around” or “inline” with an image in Blocs 3?

CSS Shapes can offer this, specifically shape-outside. But you will currently be required to implement it yourself in Blocs as needed. Be mindful also that CSS Shapes do suffer from various lack of support in browsers.

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Wow, now that is really cool! Thanks for bringing CSS Shapes to our attention.
Have you or anyone else put this to test? Also, is there any another application or code that can do the same?
@Norm, @Eldar or @Jakerlund any possibility of Blocs 3 implementing such a cool feature?

Hi, First time Blocs user, but reasonably seasoned HTML CSS coder here.

I shall have a look at CSS Shapes and see how that works out, but I must admit, I’m a little surprised that Blocs doesn’t have a setting for simply applying an IMG inside of a Paragraph and the giving the image a float-left or float-right styling to get the paragraph’s text to wrap around it… It’s a pretty basic HTML ability.

In fact, since Blocs does allow an IMG to be given a float, I’m unsure when you’d use it, if it’s held so separate to other elements (brics).


just use the class editor.

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