The ability to open two projects

I was just working on a website using Blocs and wanted to check what I had done on another site with Blocs. Before opening the new project Blocs asked if I wanted to save the old one and this then forces it to close. Ideally we should be able to keep more than one project open at the same time.


Am I the only one who can see how it could be useful to have more than one project open at the same time?

Imagine Safari with only a single tab or Photoshop limited to one image at a time. This shouldn’t be hard to do.


Nope, you are not alone… I do this all the time when I duplicating something in a new project. I’ll close the project I’m working on and open a older project.


We should be able to open different projects simultaneously, either as tabs or windows and copy/paste items as needed. I just tried copy pasting a class from one project to another, but it wouldn’t work. Yes the class appeared in the classes window, but the desired action was blank.


Am I correct in thinking the ability to open two or more Blocs projects at the same time is still a “wish list” feature? It would be super neat if a tabbed open project feature was introduced. It would certainly speed up copying and pasting between projects for me.

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Yes it’s still a wish list feature and I like the sound of having separate projects open in tabs, but I gather that having two projects open can impact performance. Maybe it will happen or perhaps a better alternative will be found at some stage. Remember you can already create a template page from one project and use it in other projects.

It would be a good thing to allow comparison or borrowing elements from one project to another without exporting…another time saver.

By now the best solution is to save one project as a page template and then import to your new project, you will have more classes but its a way. Hope in the next version we can open more than one project at a time

Thanks for confirming this @flashman, @HMM and @chicuelo. I was really checking that I hadn’t overlooked any option. I appreciated that the template route is available to me. However having two projects open, especially when redeveloping old sites for clients and needing to double-check text changes between versions, would be very useful for me. Not to mention a quicker to way to cut and paste between projects.

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+1 To allow more than 1 project to be opened