The best websites made with Blocs (in my opinion 😄)

Hi guys,

I have finally updated the Built with Blocs website, and this time I have decided to change it a bit.

The total number of submitted websites, plus some websites from this Forum was about 200, so I have decided to examine all of them and select only the best to feature on Built with Blocs website.

As a result, Built with Blocs page will now show off only the best websites built using Blocs, (in my opinion :smile:). I have spent days to check and evaluate all of the submissions, and I believe the websites featured on this page, are the best looking websites made using Blocs. The other submitted websites will be tweeted on Built with Blocs Twitter.

BTW, it turns out that most of the best built websites were made by 2 companies, 2 great users of our forum.

ConSync Digital of @mackyangeles and Homepage-Eins of @RME

Thank you to all who shared your websites! I am sure it will inspire new users to built more amazing websites with Blocs!

Visit Built with Blocs website

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There is some amazing stuff there, but I feel it’s not fair to describe a site as showcasing Blocsapp websites when many of those ‘sites’ being showcased are templates rather than actual websites.

Your templates are amazing Eldar, but I don’t feel that the “Built with Blocs page will now show off only the best websites built using Blocs.” when there’s a mix of “real” websites and templates.

My ( no doubt unpopular ) view is that mixing templates with active websites is not a true reflection of the world of blocsapp websites.

I know the website is described as “Built with Blocs” but but I expected real websites rather than a mix of real websites and a template catalogue.

The site does after all say “The best websites Built with Blocs” and I don’t consider templates as being fitting of that description.

It’s just my opinion, but wonderful as the templates are (and they are excellent) I felt the site is a bit of a misrepresentation and I really wish it didn’t have your template catalogue embedded in it.

Sorry. :frowning:


Don’t be sorry!! Thank you for your feedback, and I totally understand what you are saying. :slight_smile:

But, the purpose of this page is to show to the new Blocs users what is possible with Blocs, and I believe that some of my templates do exactly that much better than some websites, which didn’t make it to the featured list.

I try to clearly show which website was built by me, and, of course, I only included the best of my templates into this collection. Plus, even though I call them templates, all of them are fully built websites.

With best regards,

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Eldar, the templates are, of course, technically websites but I don’t consider them to be websites in the usual sense.

It’s a bit unfortunate because there is inevitably a conflict of interest as to what is included in such a site because you have a strong commercial interest with regard to what appears there if templates can be considered to be bona-fide websites. That makes me uneasy.

I just don’t like the mix of active websites and templates and the “The best websites Built with Blocs” description.

You do amazing stuff Eldar but I’m really disappointed that you’ve included your own templates, but better that the site exists at all than not, I guess.


My templates were the first websites featured on Built with Blocs over a year ago. I don’t know why you just saying that now. I definitely didn’t want to make anybody, especially you, feel uneasy. So, sorry for that.

These days there are more and more great looking Blocs websites, so I hope sooner than later there will be enough great looking and better than my templates Blocs websites to completely exclude my work from there.

@Eldar Why not just make it clear that the site showcases some sites that you believe to be the best in your opinion. That should keep everyone happy and clear.

There are so many “Best websites built with XXXX App” or "“XXXX App showcase galleries” about, where the content doesn’t represent the best. ( where XXXX = not Blocs App)

For prospective Blocs users and existing Blocs users, good sources of galleries to look at can be very useful.

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Hi @webdeersign ,

Thanks! I will do that! :slight_smile:

@Pauland +1

if you want to show the real possibilties of what people are doing with blocsapp, then you don’t show your own templates, you don’t show all the professional websites made by @mackyangeles and @RME (although they are really good), but you also show those websites of other users. “The best blocsapp websites” is something others can decide.

It’s just because I took a visit and I saw the mix of actual websites and lorem ipsum. “Built with Blocs”, well OK, but that’s not the same as

Anyway, it’s just my opinion and your work is exemplary but I just can’t reconcile anything full of lorem ipsum text rather than real content as a website, so in my eyes that would invalidate any template (by anyone) as a candidate for any best website description.

Anyway I’m sure it will be a good resource for people interested in blocsapp and the websites and templates will be inspirational.


I don’t understand what you are suggesting?

There are websites from about 10 Blocs users, which I believe have created the best looking websites with Blocs. I, @mackyangeles and @RME are the same Blocs users as you are. I don’t want to show just what people are doing with Blocs, I want to show what is the best (in my opinion, I will make it clearer ;)) any Blocs user can build with Blocs.

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Once again, thanks for sharing your opinion. I understand why you might think there is some other interest for me other than inspiring the other users (there is not :slight_smile:) , so I will follow the @webdeersign 's suggestion and make it clearer that these websites are ‘what I believe is the best websites, built with blocs’.

The only purpose for me here is to inspire other people and show to non-Blocs users what they are missing on. I don’t want to promote anything, or give any prizes or crowns to anybody (well, who am I to do that? :sweat_smile:) for their work. I just want to help our community to grow.

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My first thoughts when seeing your “The best websites Built with Blocs”, was to see a complete listing of websites people posted on this forum in the “Built with blocs” section (without the extra forum posts). Of course with approval of the developers.

I understand you are having other intentions. That’s ok and my mistake.

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Well, prior to today’s update, I was listing all websites, but because there were too many submissions (over 200, including over 50 of my templates), it would be difficult for a new visitor to spot a really great looking website. This is why I have decided to stick to only, in my opinion, best looking ones.

Believe it or not, I have spent many days of my time just to check and evaluate every website in the list, and then build this website.

@Eldar it’s great looking site but I think if your really interested in only showing what Blocs is capable of then why even says that it’s the “the best websites built with blocs”. It sounds more like your advertising the few designers that are on the page. I know that is not your intent.

If you want to showcase Blocs sites for the purpose of showing what Blocs is capable of then why don’t you just say that. Built with Blocs! The sites below showcase what’s possible using the Blocs App.


Hi @casey1823, thanks for your suggestion! :slight_smile: I have applied it to the title of the page.

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I like that title better. Eldar, I think that you saying “I believe to be the best looking websites made using the Blocs app” is really not needed. Using a more general tag line similar to what I suggested takes a personal opinion out of the tag line. Why? You don’t need it. The sites stand on their own! You don’t need to tell anyone that these are great examples of what Blocs can do. A user will see all the great examples on the page and surely come up with the same opinion without you telling them. Isn’t that better than you telling them?

You know I’m a fan…just my two cents.


Yeah, I want to put something simpler too. Maybe a bit more detailed explanation than your suggestion, but less complicated compared to what is there right now :slight_smile: I am going to think about it, and if you have any other suggestions, please let me know!

Also, I want it to be as long as what it is right now, because I think it looks better with two rows :laughing:


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