The Blocs App not Work

I am currently a user of the Pinegrow application, and I want to try Blocsapp to assess if it is worth buying and testing the features it has. I tried to install the application several times to be able to access the test of the application, but when the application starts it requests a serial number and the trial version does not work. How can I do to test this application? I will not buy an application that I can not prove.

I tried to send an email to to report the situation but the emails are reported as an error, "SMTP error from remote server for RCPT TO command, host: ( reason: 550 sorry, no mailbox here by that name. (# 5.7.17) "
It gives me a lot of insecurity to buy this application when the support not works correctly.

Thank you.

When you start up Blocs for the very first time, it does ask for a license number, but there should be a button that you can click that will activate your 7-day free trial. It has been awhile since I used Bloc’s free trial, but that’s how I remember it worked, unless something has changed since then.

I don’t know what’s going on with the email thing. Perhaps its down or you got the wrong address?

Welcome to Blocs and the Blocs forum,

If needed I am sure @norm the developer of Blocs will respond tomorrow to you.

Yes, you have the button to start in Trial mode, but when you press it, a message appears that the Trial version time has expired. In the end, I do not know how the program works, I have not been able to prove it, the official website does not have pictures that show the administration panel or functions and the videos are not intuitive enough to get used to the idea of operation and if it is worth buying it. The web support email does not work to report the Bug. It’s disappointing.

Where did you get that support email address from? It’s no longer in use, we have in app support and an online support desk:

Regarding your trial, have you at any point installed and started Blocs ever prior to this time?

Btw sorry this post was auto hidden, It was all automated due to the fact you are new and posting links, it flagged you as potential spam I think.

The Email is as a hyperlink published on your website as mailto: link in the support section.

And no, I had never installed the application before, a colleague recommended me through social networks, it was the first time I installed it on my computer to test it, but it did not work for me.

When did you get that link? as its been removed for a few months now. Maybe it was browser cache. This is our current support page and it’s no longer available on there. Do you see the contact email on there, just making sure its not a cache issue.

Im just about to release a new beta version I will bump the trial allowance on it so you can try it out. The beta will come out later today, here in the forum.

Ah great thank you!

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ok thats all fixed up.

No, thanks to you for your time.
I was able to install and start the Beta version of Blocs, now I can test it, although 7 days it seems very little time to learn, try all the features of the application. In the application that I currently use to design that is Pinegrow, it is quite complex, but they had a monthly subscription version at low cost to test the application and learn to use it, which allowed me to really value it and end up buying a Pro license.
You should do something similar to increase the community and reach more users.


Imaxenio – To expedite learning blocs, I highly recommend viewing the videos in the docs link on the blocs website, here:

And sign up for free to watch these fee getting started videos, too: posted by an excellent and generous instructor! :slight_smile:


Thanks, It would be nice to also have community and videos in Spanish, which is my main language.

That’s going to be tough. But I believe there will be as more users come a long.
Eso va a ser difícil. Pero creo que habrá más usuarios que vendrán por mucho tiempo.

The written docs can be translated although not perfect. Vio con dios mi amigo.:grinning: