The image file is not optimised…

I get this error when I try to import a local asset,

“The image file is not optimised for the web, please take care to use images that are under 3MB in size to ensure optimal site loading and rendering performance.”

Anyway to get around this?

I’m using Blocs 3.5.1 with Catalina 10.15.5


Images over 3mb are not very pleasant to load on websites especially on slower cellular connections.
Lots of designers here recommend using the ImageOptim app

I would second that. ImageOptim is perfect for getting image sizes down to acceptable sizes. The nice thing about the app is that you can publish your site to a folder and then select all the images in the images folder and have them open with imageOptim. Don’t even have to save the new images, it just optimises them and automatically saves them at their new optimised size with the same names.