The menu bar stopped displaying.

Created the twelfth page. The panel with tools has ceased to function normally. Can not make “Alt”, the panel no longer exists. Problems begin with the ninth page.

Sometimes it´s helpful to safe the project, close Blocs and retry after a new start.
Hope that works for you too.

Did not help. I can not find the reason and the solution of the problem. Creating a new page does not help. The attribute “Alt” can not be assigned. There is no panel.

Sorry, but that was my only idea.
Might be a bug you should report

I can not continue to work …
Blocks can not work with a large number of images.
It is unfortunate that the program did not live up to expectations. Lost time …

I have a huge numer of images on my site with 2.4.5, it is a bit uncomfortable with the access manager, but I think that will improve in 2.5.

Did you test starting a new project?
Otherwise you should contcact the support, there mught be something in your project which causes the prolem.
If you DM the project to Norm he will certainly help.

Blocs is not perfect but on a good way.