The order of the images on slideshow

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I will build 5 different slideshows on the same page. I have made now two of them. Every slideshow have twelve images. The slideshows are made as Eldar is showing on his video “Building the elegant slideshows in Blocs”. Now I have problem the order of the images in one slideshow. The slideshow order should be after you have placed images on the side. I have example 3 rows and every row have 4 images. But this not happened. The images com out on slideshow in a different order. What is the secret of this?

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Hi Eldar, can you please take a view into my problem of order of the images!
At the moment I’ve given up to use the slideshow in the Blocsapp, because my client will have exactly a certain order of the images! So far I use Juicebox HTML5 Image Galleries right from Lightroom.

Hello @peka,

Sorry for the late reply! I tried to recreate the slideshows as you have described and it worked fine for me. What do you mean ‘out of order’? Do you mean the individual images or the rows?

Try to create the new bloc with a new gallery and let me know if you get the same issue. Maybe it’s a bug.

Hello @Eldar,

I have been busy with my work projects and I don’t have time to study my problem of the order of the images. Will try and make new gallery in the near future.

The problem was the order of the individual images. On the browser the order of the images was not the same as on the Bloscapp.