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Hello :wave: and thanks for letting me join. I stumbled upon Blocs after doing some research into website builders. I initially looked at Rapidweaver however Blocs looks much more suitable for my needs. I am a DIVI user for around 3 years and I am a freelancer. I have around 10 sites built with DIVI. The problem I have is the whole WP ecosystem specifically plugins. I use very few plugins (no more than 4-5 on any site) but I would like to get into Blocs. There are a few things holding me back though specifically some functions of my current builds. I use DIVI supreme as my main plugin on all sites to include things like image hotspots, image hovers, etc. Here are some recent builds and I would love to know if I could replicate these within Blocs and if so what add ins would you recommend. DIVI has gotten a lot better and introduced some really cool features but from what I can see from Blocs, it would suit me much better. I always start with a blank white page and avoid templates. Thanks in advance! I have used tiny URL so the websites aren’t cached in Google

Here are another 2 as I could only post 2 in the original post!

Hi @Joe1985 , welcome here. I myself have been a user of Divi since the very first release. Yet, over the years I’ve seen it become more and more restrictive (I really liked editing in the backend instead of the frontend) and bloated (harder to optimize).

Since I started using Blocs I’m able to craft well optimized sites (or WordPress themes with Blocs Plus) that perform great.

Currently in the process of rebuilding my projects in plain html with Blocs right now. (currently working on revamping, still Divi powered for now)

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Nicely designed websites. Looking at them, I don’t see anything there that you would not be able to develop with Blocs. I like Blocs 4 Plus. If it were me that is what I would choose.

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Also: the design of the age selection page was not mine, my part only followed after going past that inital page.

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My understanding of WordPress is extremely limited, though I am very aware that I need to improve that. I have never worked with Divi and I know it is popular, however I have heard it has quite a lot of bloated code, which affects performance.

As you may have already seen, Blocs can export WP themes and then use Gutenberg if you wish to go that way. The one time I used it I thought Gutenberg was pretty horrible, but that was 18 months ago and I was told recently that it is much improved. @brechtryckaert is the one who could advise you best here.

In terms of rebuilding those sites in Blocs, they may not be exactly the same but I think you could broadly replicate these in Blocs without great difficulty and possibly improve on them. I am waiting for WP 6 to release later this month and dive in again, since I think there are best case scenarios for working in Blocs or times when you might want WP. Knowing they can work together is a real bonus.

There is also a good simple CMS for Blocs called Volt that is often a useful option. In my experience clients seem to like it with simple inline editing, so they can see changes directly on the page.

As a former Rapidweaver user, I would stay away from that right now, given the uncertainty over what is happening with the next version and apparent battle with the 3rd party stack developers. That is likely to be a rocky ride for some time. I certainly have some sympathy for the users caught in the middle. Hopefully they’ll find some kind of way through.


Thanks, some great advice so far. Just on a practical level, is a landing page like this easily enough achieved in Blocs? I used it as inspiration for the inspire website

Hi, just wanted to say I think the inspire education website is stunning!

and there is a typo in the bottom of the tohif front page


Poor voles :slight_smile:

That is not something I have tried, but looking at that quickly it just looks like a full screen structure bloc on the page containing a row with two columns and no gutter. You could copy paste the settings from one column to the other, then edit as required. It would take a couple custom classes for the images and links to the different pages.

You could probably adapt a Hero bloc as well to do what you want.

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