Third Party Brics?

Are there third party Brics we can add to Blocs? The variety of Brics currently available seems rather low in my opinion (maybe I’m not doing things correctly) but I can’t even see an Upload File Button to add to one of my forms and I can’t see any way to add more Brics.

There is a whole forum section on this area

To answer your question more directly, yes there are custom brics, but not a huge number at present. I believe the API is due for an upgrade in the next couple of months and at that point I would expect to see many more come filtering through. It’s worth pointing out that you can do an awful lot with custom classes and even importing external code.

I am not sure about the upload button for a form but it’s a valid request and probably something that Norm would have to include, unless there is already a way this can be done.

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