Third Party Code Editors

Not sure how easy this would be to implement @Norm

But I would love the ability to use a third party code editor for editing project / page header and footers.

I find it very fiddly to keep things tidy with the built in editor.


Hi Pete, out of interest, where is the code editor in Blocs? - Ignore that question, I found it.


I would like to integrate Sublime Text for code, too!
Code-Editors line-indicators seemed to be broken! (Blocs 4.1.1)

Allow users to work with their own editors would save the Blocs-Developer to improve the Code-Editor of Blocs itself. I like the idea and this wouldn’t be to complicated to develop.

Implementation ideas

1. Simple

A button creates a temporary file of the currently selected view (file/snippet) and opens this in the editor the user has selected in his Blocs-Settings.

2. Advanced solution (more professional)

Mirroring all code-snippets and files as temporary files into a folder the user can open with his own editor. A watcher-service checks then every X seconds for changes and loads them into the Blocs.

I really do like this editor above all the others.