This must be simple... text color change some text

Hi all, say in the following text, in a paragraph text bloc, below… I simply want to change the bold text “WHAT ARE YOUR FEES?” to dark blue, how do I do this? I want the rest of the text in black. I’ve tried most everything and just don’t see how to change the color of just that select text.

Our commission is 35% of the gross sales with a $2000 minimum commission. Our fees include advertising, all pre-sale organization, research, pricing & staffing of the sale. There are no upfront costs.

With Norm’s posting of the Solis website source I was able to see that individual text within a paragraph can be wrapped with a span and then a class setup to format this “spanned” text exactly as one wants to.
Select the text, hit the span button in the upper left of the text field, type in a new class name, edit the class formatting the text as one desires, and then it’s done.
Now where you want to repeat this format, simply select the text you want custom formatted, select span, type in the class name and it applies that formatting.
Sometimes taking apart a project reveals the methodology behind the results. Thanks Norm.


glad it helped!