Three problems after installing High Sierra

After leaving my website alone for a few weeks, I decided to work on it again. In the meantime, I installed High Sierra. Now I run into three problems already:

  1. animation of a block (fade in from right or left moving) does not work anymore. The block flickers, but no smooth motion. It works as long as I don’t touch the animation settings. But if I change it and change it back to the original setting (by e.g. clicking on the left arrow and then on the right arrow) it doesn’t work anymore

  2. The trick with .super and .sub (to get subscript and superscript) as previously proposed does not work anymore. The css is the same and selecting a piece of text, perform a Span and attribute the style .super to it doesn’t work anymore

  3. My contact page wraps in a strange way now. In preview, everything looks fine (V-mode). But in Safari it doesn’t (latest version). Everything wraps to the left now. I did not change anything!

Hope you can help.

Cheers, Martin

PS: problems also occur in Firefox, not only Safari

I, too, cannot format text as superscript or subscript using the previously proposed css file. Is there any other way to apply superscript or subscript format to text? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

Best regards,