Thumbnail slide show

Is it possible to make a thumbnail slideshow as I have done below in Adobe Muse, I am looking at Blocs as replacement. Any help is appreciated.

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…ie. is it possible to redo my website in blocs:

the problem I have is the product page with several pics of one ‘lump of furniture’

any help would be greatfully received

Hello Andrew,
In June I asked for basically the same thing.

I also come from Muse, GoLive land. Many of the website I handle use the “slideshow - with clickable” thumbnails. It doesn’t seem to exist now. HOWEVER I’m hoping that it is added when we go to V3.0 of Blocs. There are many many, site that use the [carousel with clickable thumbnails]. This should be an important BRIC, to be added to the app. WISHING!

Also looking to get [text] postionedbelow the image, not embedded in it. Another feature I’ve asked for.

Good day


Welcome to the forum @andrew,

Currently you will probably need to implement such a thumbnail gallery yourself into Blocs.

I recall user @apswoodwork doing so using the JuiceBox gallery for his custom woodworking site. You can see the results on his site via the link in the following thread and the discussion by him regarding how he implemented it.

You can also add other galleries you like manually via the HTML Bric & Page Settings + Add Code (CSS/JS), etc. I know that is not as easy as dragging a preformed thumbnail gallery Bric, but it may get you going in the direction you need for now.

Hopefully something is helpful to you.

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That really helpful. Thanks. Andrew