Time wasting clients


answering questions is part of our job. but also here: your instinct should tell you, is it worth it. most of the time we are right with our suspicions :slight_smile:


Not really a “blow back” as I can appreciate the point you’re making. However, I don’t see any harm in having such a discussion under the “General Discussion” category of this forum. After all, it does relate to people’s experiences in the business side of web design. Unfortunately, not all web design people have the wealth of business experience that you have acquired, so I see no harm in having those with relevant experience in imparting a little of their knowledge to those who may not. If it irks you too much, probably better to not visit the General Discussion area at all - who knows what may pop up here? :thinking:


I don’t see any reason to argue either. I’ve been freelancing for 25 years, but I’m relatively new to web design, so I’m finding ways of dealing with clients in a different area to what I am used to.

It’s not only a different trade, but also a move from a major city, dealing with huge companies to a rural environment with mostly one man businesses in a different country. It’s naive to think you can switch to something completely new and know how to handle every client situation/type successfully from day one.


So now you tell them how much those changes will cost before you do them. You are now in control. Once changes incur a charge their frequency will drop rapidly.

All forms of business can be abused. It’s not confined to fixed-price work. Don’t let one awkward client be the reason for changing the way you do business - just add a monetary cost to the situation and this client will fall into line.

Well, you and the rest of us. Sometimes the clients have good ideas despite what we say…


as much you find this forum the wrong place to talk about webdesign-business-related topics you bring up your own history with stories / trigger words like holocaust / vietnam war. come on, man. don’t be a hypocrite.

flashman asked a question, the forum answers. we got our perspective on it. why not stick to the rule of communities “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. we don’t need battles on two fronts in this forum. peace out.