Timeline brick

I’m looking for a timeline bric, something like this: Timeline. I’d be happy to try to put it together myself, but so far looking at bric development information on the FAQ on the website and here in the forums hasn’t provided me with enough insight to figure out how to do this. Any insight that can be provided would be most appreciated.

@Eldar created a Timeline bloc. He integrated it in this template: https://eldargezalov.com/i/templates/preview/resume/light/


Thanks for sharing. That looks promising. I actually looked in the outline for his courses, and I don’t see anything about building Brics, so I haven’t moved forward with enrolling. I’ll look again and reconsider.

Hi Vernon,

I am the creator of BlocsMaster.com and BlocsTemplates.com
I don’t offer any content on the development of Brics. I might dive into this topic someday, but for the foreseeable future I will concentrate on producing videos and resources for actual design process.

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Thanks for the reply @Eldar, I’m back looking at your sight again now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your contributions to the community. You’ve clearly developed great skill in using Blocs. Do you have any pointers on where I can look to learn more about building brics?

Thanks for kinds words!

At the moment, this is the best place to learn about developing for Blocs.

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Thanks. I’ve looked at that (three times now), but can’t seem to understand how to actually accomplish anything with it. Clearly I’m missing something. Since I have many years of experience as a developer, I’m frustrated by not being about to make much headway in doing what I’m sure should be pretty easy for someone who has this figured out. Thanks again for your help.