Tip needed - how do I do a page marker?

Does with flat colour too.

That works, but on the index, it adds grad to logo (.png).

@apswoodwork That’s great Andy.
Congratulations, you finally got it working :+1:

Id check to see if it has the class attached to it, might have to make a separate class or something. I can play around with it a bit later if you dont get it working.

I’ll fiddle (with the code)!

Hi @cincyplanet
The change is great, and I can add a grad back to each active link from clear to translucent; perfect.
It doesn’t seem to make any difference if I add the code to the </head> or </body>, nor if I add a ‘navbar’ class to the custom classes. If I add class, I can edit the typo, but it changes all the links, and not the specific active link to an individual effect (i.e. current active link in italic). They all change if I do, so I deleted the class. The grad back still works well, but the .png logo has a grad back too.
Should I work out a custom class, and apply to each link individually? This would mean breaking away from the menu manager, but I can’t see that being a big issue.
I only read this thread out of interest, and now I’m tweaking my site again. Oh, the beauty of the :slight_smile:Blocs forum.

Oh, might be because it checks for the href, might need to add a new class and check for that in the javascript and see if its has the class attached.
So, add mymenubar class to the ones you want to have the marker, then update the script to something like (note, I haven’t been able to test this, so not sure if it will work how it is):

            if ($(this).prop('href') == window.location.href && $(this).hasClass('mymenubar')) {

                $(this).addClass('active'); $(this).parents('li').addClass('active');

No, didn’t quite work for me.
I’m in over my head, but you clearly know a lot about js code.
Never mind, but thanks for trying. It’s the colour behind the logo that was the main issue.
I may try a basic class for the currently active link.