Tip on how to support Blocs

If you have a licens for Blocs at work and want to support Blocs development further.
Why not buy another personal licence while the 50% off deal is still available (today).
I just bought another license so i can have two installs on the same computer at home and one at work.



Dear @Jakerlund
A possibility …

Although, I believe the big boost for Blocs will come when it is translated into the main languages of the world.
And, there is a online-forum in the respective languages and a manual guide to this.
Then it will probably be a bit of a self-running.

Hard to get there, I guess.

PS .:
Do we get percentages here?
I have one today made a purchase …
With the promise that the program will soon be available in German. :slight_smile:

By the way,
I’ve been looking for “years” until I found blocs
… I think I’m not alone with it.

Hello @vandieck

Personally I think learning a program in English is the best way to go.
A program like this also gets updated frequently and a lot things in the program change.
You can better follow tutorials and communicate with other users.

I find it annoying trying to follow a video tutorial and the program is in another language.
I have to count how many steps down a menu they went since the names weren’t even close to mine.

I’ve been beta testing and using Affinity Designer/Photo for years and the strength of their user community is that they “don’t” have forums for different languages.
So everything becomes available for everyone.

Of course not everyone know English very well, some actually use Google translate for reading longer posts and even use it to make their own posts. And they get more answers that way.
But that’s just my personal experience using/learning a lot of programs.
Your English seems perfect by the way :+1:

And YES, I to had looked around for a quicker easier program to do these things in and accidentally found Blocs one day and I think it’s great, it will be better and better over time and @Norm does a phenomenal job on developing it :+1:

I’m sure you’ll become comfortable in Blocs in no time :slight_smile: :+1:

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I believe, that the own language gives more confidence.
Google helps, I use it myself because it’s easier.
But … you have to understand it anyway.
I’m sorry, if you notice this.

Nevertheless …
Blocs will wins only, when it’s translated.
My conviction.

With greetings from Germany

And I come from Austria.
With friends in France and Italy.

They are not all experts, in technical Webdesign-Language.

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