Title Displayed in Browser Tab Switches To A Different Page's Title SOLVED

Using Blocs 3.5.8

I’ve shut down every program, including Blocs and still this issue persists…

I used the duplicate page to create a new page as a template. I’ve finished editing this new page, changed the SEO Title, etc and when I go to preview it in Chrome, Firefox or Safari, it first shows the proper (new) SEO Title in the browser tab, then quickly changes to the SEO name of the page I made a duplicate from. I’ve checked everything for over an hour now, and can’t figure this out.

I’ve even exported it to my web site, and it does the same thing. I can hit refresh and it will show this for 2 seconds…


then it reverts back to this…


I checked the Page Source and the title is correct:

My Page Settings

In Blocs, I’ve gone through every list, every item, checked the HTML and there is nothing in any of it that hints of why it would refresh to the old SEO title…

This is the page in question:


I am loathe to try and duplicate another page and start all over again.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


After hours of eliminating everything in the page, it turns out that the culprit was the Code Widget containing the Ecwid script for purchasing the download. Apparently this happened because I chose to DUPLICATE an existing Ecwid product and then fill everything in. When I pasted the embed code, it contained the reference to the other page. Deleting the entire product and starting from scratch eliminated the redirection of the page. Hope this might be helpful for anyone else out there who uses Ecwid and Blocs.