Today’s events

So I noticed some heated conversations going on in the forum today. I was busy trying to get build 2 out before the weekend, so didn’t get a chance to get involved.

One thing I want to make absolutely clear is, if you come here and help other users, I’m 100% behind you. Regardless if you are not the most experienced, I love to see folks help each other.

I try to get involved and answer all the messages I get but it’s hard to do it in a timely manner. So please don’t take it personal if I don’t respond.

And finally I want to make it very clear I only have one account here at the forum. I’m way to busy to be posting from different accounts.

So please, let’s try to respect each other, and I hope you all have a great weekend.


Have a nice weekend as well.



Good night to all,

I would like to inform you that I’ve been thinking, and most of all I’ve been reading all the comments and messages I received, and realized that I would make a big mistake if I decided to leave the forum since the remaining users would pay for a “less pleasant” comments that other users have made.

But thanks to your warm comments, I will stay in the forum and try to help as I can, even with copy / paste … (really want to thank you all for your nice words)

All the code that I put in the forum I test it first, against the specific needs of the user that ask for help, then I try to find some mistake that it may have, and then post it on the forum.
If it does not work, I look for other solutions, and for this whole process I spend a lot of time.

So the code I put in the forum may not be perfect, of course there may be another code or better solutions. And if someone find another solution, different from mine, (mine could be something that I found) I am very happy because I also learn a lot like everyone else.

But to calm the situation a little this weekend I will focus on the new “Blocs Code” site, with the various codes that I put here in the forum.

@Blocs_User I have no hard feelings about you, nor do I want that anyone have hard feelings about you, at least about what happened today, so if you need my help, I will also help you in the same way that I will help any other user.

A good weekend for everyone, and when I refer to EVERYONE it is really EVERYONE.


This said,

A happy, peaceful Easter and relaxing days to all :egg::tulip:



I’m really glad that you have the support of the community and chose to stay.

So you know, I privately told @norm over the weekend that I would soon not be participating here on the forum moving forward for the indefinite future. So it appears better me leaving than you, everyone can rejoice regarding my departure instead.


This is good to hear. I’m glad you feel supported.

And as I said privately, you are always welcome here. You have also helped members of the community on numerous occasions.