Todays Apple Keynote

Who is excited for the Apple keynote today?

I know I am!

What are you excited to see? The new Mac Pro, improvements iOS for iPad, MacOS 10.15?


I am excited for sure!

WWDC is my favorite event of the year when it comes to Apple!

macOS is cool, but I would really love to see some serious advancements in iOS, especially for iPads!

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I am looking forward to Marzipan :cake: and a new iTunes :loud_sound:


Yeah Marzipan is going to be a big one for sure!

Yes! I have a feeling iPad will get a lot of attention in this keynote, for both iOS and the introduction of iPad apps on the Mac!

Im have all of my toes and fingers crossed for a sneak peak at the new Mac Pro!


Heard they stop with itunes!

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Possible split it into different apps.

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If there is a new Mac Pro I predict it will be very expensive. I wonder when Apple will start using their own processors.

Yep, starting at $5,999 USD>…

I actually thought it might be worse than that, but still far more than I will be willing to pay. The top end machines will no doubt cost more than a new BMW or Jaguar. I’m not kidding.

I’m just waiting to hear whether 10.15 will support my old Mac Pro after upgrading the video card recently. If not I’ll be looking at a new Mac mini sooner or later and keeping this one as a backup. I am actually relieved I don’t need the performance of a new Mac Pro these days.

Wow, a Mac Pro that can accommodate more than terabyte of RAM and several dedicated MPX mods?! I’d skip several mortgage payments for that. I wonder than if they’ll beef up Final Cut and Logic Pro to match the robustness of the machine. Any one else thing it looks like a giant padlock? Marzipan looks interesting. I’d be curious it if spurs growth in the Mac desktop app development sector. Is Blocs coming to an iPad near us soon?

Hopefully the iTunes replacement won’t punish those of us who like to curate our own music. As a Jazz broadcaster and audio documentary producer, that would be a big hit for me. It’s a not so subtle reminder of the kind of effects giant tech companies can have on entire sections of our culture and economy.

But as always, the WWDC was worth wading through if just to hear Jony Ivy’s say “aluminum” again.

I paid around £4000 for my Mac Pro in 2010. That’s roughly £5120 in today’s money. The new Mac Pro is $5999 which equates to around £4735.

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Also, with impeccable timing, my 2010 Mac Pro died yesterday. I wonder if it knew what was coming…

(I won’t be buying a replacement anytime soon.)

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Oh dear, that is bad. Are you certain this is terminal or can it be saved?

I’m not sure. I think it’s a problem with the PSU. I’ll take it to a specialist to see what they think. I don’t want to chuck any more money at it. It’s switching off - or rather, the power is cutting out - 30 seconds after start-up. I’m caught between wanting to keep it going and worrying about what’s going to go wrong next.

We’ll see…

The new one looks like costing $50K for top spec. I hear they have legalised cannabis in California, but I have no idea if these two points are connected.

I think this price is to be expected.

This machine is not designed to browse the internet or build websites or run Photoshop. It’s designed for high end movie/music/3D Gaming production studios. Like Pixar for example, who will most likely have x10 of these sat in a room.


Most 3D games work seems to be done on Windows boxes in all the places I have visited. My daughter is able to do pretty good stuff on her 2018 MacBook Pro using Maya, but the rendering is a nightmare if you want to output a high quality video. It can take weeks running 24/7 on my Mac Pro for a 20 second clip on a complex segment, so that is where rendering farms come in.

I’m feeling pressured towards a new Mac mini, because Intel have just dropped microcode support for all processors on 2010 & 2012 Mac Pros, though curiously they feel able to continue with the 2012 Mac minis.

From what I have been reading it won’t be safe to use these older Mac Pros online before long, so this may be relegated to editing images on CS6 and that sort of thing. It reminds me of a photo retouching lab in Milan years ago where they had an incredible drum scanner hooked up to an ancient machine that was kept in service purely to handle scanning.

I am sure Steve Jobs would have been happy to see ten new Mac Pros lined up in his Pixar studios.

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iPadOS\ 132x33
Introducing a Home screen designed just for iPad. Along with new ways to work on multiple apps and files at once, simple gestures for editing text, and desktop-class browsing

Does any know if Desktop-class browsing means iPads will now support parallax?