Toggle visibility and scroll to target

I know we have separate options to toggle visibility and also scroll to target, but is it possible to combine them somehow? I’ve just created a signup form and it includes a bit of text below saying that if somebody wants to be removed from a list they can email the site owner.

Clicking on the email link reveals the hidden contact form below, however it would be a nice touch if it would glide smoothly to that position.

Any chance these two features could be combined via the side panel? @Norm

Hi Flash.

Can I ask, Did you get a reply for this. I would really like to do this as well, and I can’t figure out how to do it. Do you know now? Thanks

It’s still not possible under Blocs 3 sadly unless there is some clever workaround I don’t know about.

Ahhh, thanks Flash. I am using both at this time, as 3 still has some bugs that are time consuming for me. The toggle is great but without a snap to as in scroll to target, it does’nt really work for what I want.

You could always put in a feature request to @Norm

On the bugs question I find Blocs 3 miles better than any version of Blocs 2.

I think it would be really good for it. Both codes are there, so I wonder if there is a way to just simply merge them, - as tyou can tell, I am not a coder… :blush:

I agree it should be possible to combine them.

In a perfect world. Code such as. Click on - go to - open toggle :joy: