Toggle Visibility Mouse over

I’m trying to get the Toggle visibility working when I mouse over a button.

I found this code in the forum, but it looks like it doesn’t work anymore.

Anyone has an other solution to this?

What’s the classes of the button in question? Do you have a bit more information. Because the Visibility attribute is correct, it could be a class issue.

Hi @Malachiman. I made the glasses as the lesson from Eldar. “Buttons - 10. Adding Hover Effects to Images Using a Button Bric“.

Exactly the same with the images.

Clear enough?

Oh right. I haven’t brought his classes yet (plan too). Maybe @Eldar can make himself visible in the thread :grin:

Hi guys,

I’m not sure what’s the question here?
@r_botman are you saying you have solved your problem with my video?

Hi Eldar. I made the button exactly like the video with the images and have a toggle visibility which I want to make active when I hover / mouse over the button. Now I have to click on the button. Get my meaning?

OK, I understand now, but I think the code you have provided in the screenshot is for navigation dropdown menu, so it says the .dropdown-menu class. What object do you want to show when hovering on the button?

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Below the button I have a column with text and I set the top marge to -… so it will show over the button when I mouse over the button. Get my meaning?

Yes, I think so. Maybe it is better to have a card, image, or something over the column with text, and make this card or something invisible (set opacity to 0%) on hover, so it will show the text under it? It’s difficult for me to image how you want to show text over button on hover. Do you have some example URLs I can take a look at?

The problem with hovers to show important information is you need to accommodate small break points, where a click Is required, because hover becomes of no effect.

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And, yeah, I agree with @Malachiman
I don’t think visibility on hover is very good practice because of how it works on mobile devices without mouse input.

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You are right at that. Must think out a way to do this. Maybe use a delay in showing the text

Depending on your design and what you’re doing. You can have a hover of larger breakpoints and then click on smaller. Can be as simple as a small script or even just CSS. Again it’s design and usage dependant. It maybe a bad UI option. It just depends.