Top navigation dropdown menu SOLVED

This is driving me crazy and I’ve wasted hours trying to figure it out today. I’ve checked out Eldar’s tutorials and this forum for answers.

So I have a top nav menu, which includes a menu item that is a link to a dropdown menu. I have source set to “none”, and set up an .active class so the links have an orange underscore when you link to the page. HOWEVER> I cannot figure out how to not have the items in the dropdown menu have that underscore (corresponding to the active class). aghhh! I set up a different style for the dropdown menu items, but as you can see it doesn’t override the .active class I’m using for the other menu items. Is there a way to override .active for the dropdown menu items? That menu is set to “none” for data source as well.

Any help would be really appreciated. See screen caps. Thank you thank you!!



Where these two links in dropdown menu connected to? Is it the same about page?

The Case Studies link is a dropdown menu which links to three additional pages (australia, colombia and south africa).