Top Rotate or carousel

Does anyone know if you can setup a top rotate without using the carousel feature something along the lines of this


This looks nice - I too would like to see if this is possible or if it an be added. Seems to be a carousel but without the bottom section of pics so perhaps is technically possible.

I’m also interested

The images below the carousels are not part of the carousel, thats just a pre-made layout. The Carousel is also available as a bric, just create an empty structure Bloc and drop on in.

This is a carousel hero, it stretches to fit the screen. I may be possible with custom classes but you need to understand Bootstrap and how classes work. I’ll add it to my list of potential new Blocs for the future.

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Thanks Norm, if you could I’d appreciate it.

I am trying to figure out how to make so that clicking one of those images at the bottom brings the corresponding image on the carousel. (newbie me) :slight_smile:
Update: Okay, resolve.