Total Blocs Breakdown

This morning Blocs simply stopped working correctly.
I have my iMac on auto launch, so it is ready for me when I come downstairs.
This morning, I was updating my site, usually, but suddenly found I could not edit certain areas?
After many restarts, I found, after looking at the layer tree a whole bunch of “line Breaks” I had never put into my Blocs project.
All very strange.
Thinking that somehow, I had some corruption of my site files, I decided to reload the site from a back up.
This was my first time trying to load a site that was not in that Blocs menu.
I was not aware that the only way to load a site is to have it exported as a single package? I was backing up the files every day.
Finally, I remembered that I had exported my site to a thumb drive since I was about to install all of this on my laptop.
Older site, but if it loaded properly, I could bring it back up to “today.”
Installed that on the iMac, but once opened, seemed very choppy trying to update. Graphics would not copy over to the Asset window etc…
All very strange.
I think I may have to trash my Blocs installation and reload the program.

Any thoughts before I take this drastic step?

No idea what corrupted these files…nothing else on the Mac seems affected.
I did install “Typinator” yesterday, which seemed to be working fine and playing nice with everything.
Just to be sure, I shut that app down, and restarted without.
Did not make a difference.

Gotta go find the Blocs download…

Rich the weather guy

Even after reinstalling Blocs I cannot add assets to the asset group?
No idea where to go from here?

Well, it seems that my Blocs installation is back on track, but I have no idea what went wrong?
Something I noticed during this issue:

I save my site using the “save” function in the Blocs menu.
However, in the Blocs splash screen, when you first open the application, you have the option of opening past projects in the list. But when I went to the “open” option below that list and navigated to my site folder, I did not have an option to open that project?

In fact, there is no way (that I can see) to open a website contained in a folder.
I did save my site as a project, creating a Blocs package file, and yes, I could open that.

What am I missing? Is there no way to open a Blocs project from a file folder?


I’m not sure on your issue, but you can also open Blocs projects by dragging them onto the Blocs dock icon or by double clicking them in the MacOS finder.

Well, I think that is the thing Norm.
When you have a folder that contains your website items, it isn’t really a Blocs project. So clicking “open” from the bottom of the splash screen and navigating to that folder does no good. There is nothing that Blocs will open. Does that make sense?
In DW, I could navigate to an Index file in a folder for example, tell it to load that index file, and all of the other site files would come along.

Does that make sense?


Blocs has only ever opened .bloc files, so nothing new there.

What did you do with your original.bloc project files?

It sounds like you’re trying to open your exported pages with Blocs, which has never happened. Blocs only opens Blocs.

I never realized that I could not navigate to a folder that held my Blocs website, and would not be able to load from there?
Stupid of me I guess.
I have started to export my projects as a Blocs Project file so they can be opened should I have an issue and the project does not show up in that opening window.

Thanks for the clarification…


Stupid me I guess…was not the case in previous web application.