Total Noob help

My site site is built, with Blocs. Everything works fine, browser preview, page link etc fine.
Not sure how to explain this really. it just seems ive probably not saved files and folders the best way.

Im not sure if it matters on where and how my image content folders are or if its made a new one with the asset manager.

And/or when you save your project, where and what needs to be uploaded to ftp. sorry probably makes no sense.

my urls up, but images arent linking. all folders and files are uploaded if anyone can tell from looking at that,

its really difficult to find any detailed help online?

thanks, Danny

i think i need to put all my images into img folder inside main Blocs created folder and re reference all the images/missing files when moved.

Are you exporting your project before uploading it?

Just double checked now I am at my machine, and the export takes care of the folder structure (including images) etc. So just a matter of uploading the output from the export.

File -> Export -> quick export and select a folder for it to be put in ready for uploading.

hi Martin

thanks. I just did that and yes it put everything together. i also made sure i had no spaces in my folder names. files and folders are all there. i think its the way and where im uploading them. im going through Namecheap cpanel and Filezilla. maybe where my index.html is placed. if i move direcories, it loses all my image and pages links.

thanks again.

Just a thought, but test everything works from the exported package before you upload it. That will at least confirm if the issue is in the exported package, or in how you are uploading it. Suspect it will be the uploading, but always good to check.

Good luck.


Thanks again. I’m slowly sorting my self out.

Good to hear :grinning: