Tour dates on comedian website

Hi everyone,

I’m helping out a comedy duo with their website (not commercial) and I would like to make the tour dates editable by their agent, so if he books a new gig, he can add this to the site directly.

I’ve looked into October CMS, but I’m not sure it’s the right tool for this task. The whole thing only needs to be really simple. Just the tour dates and maybe a link to where you can get the tickets. Gets updated about once a week.

Would you use a blogger site or similar in a frame? Or is CMS the right way? Somehow, I haven’t managed to install October on their server yet. Maybe it’s not possible.

Here’s the simple list I’ve done in Blocs directly:

(the site is not ready yet, I will post it in the Built with Blocs section once it’s done)

Any help appreciated, thanks a lot!


I suspect it’s less work just for you to offer to add the dates yourself. It’ll be five minutes and they only do two gigs a month on average.

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I have the same question; so I follow this with interest!

You also can have a look at
Their scripts can be integrated in Blocs with the html Bric. They also have booking scripts

Thanks a lot so far!

@pauland You’re probably right, it’s just something I’d like to give into some else’s hands, one thing less to worry about …

@ webplus Looks like a good solution, I’ll look into it (when I find the time …)

I’ll keep looking around myself … would there be any way to include the events of their Facebook Page into the web page? Because they’re there anyway.

Thanks again,