Tour schedule management

I am preparing for a new website for a performing artist. He has one special request. On his website he wants to have a page with his tour-schedule. On the frontpage of his website he wants to have a small piece of that tour-schedule; the so-called upcoming events. Has anyone here come across a script or plugin that can handle that automatically? As he is a guy that is almost glued to his iPhone, it would be even better if he can manage his tour schedule from his device…

The nearest I can think of would be THIS SCRIPT. Although its primary function is to act as a booking calendar, it does allow for the creation of several events and have them display within any page of a website. The system has a built in booking system, allowing you to sell tickets on line (payment gateways included). Cost is about 46 euro for a one off licence on one website.

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I had already found that one too; but that isn’t what I was looking for. (They do have some great stuff there at PHP jabbers!)

Hi, @Mattheus. Try:

Hi @Mattheus
you can try
they have a widget and you can implement the code with the code bric. Your client can insert the tour dates with the iPhone direct on the bandsintown website…
You can use two widgets, on the start page only display 3 dates and on the tour site 15 or so …

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Hi Tom,
that might just be what I am looking for. I’ll send it to the artist, as he has to work with it and fill his schedule. Hopefully he likes it!

Volt CMS blog entries?

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That was what I was actually trying at first, but I couldn’t create it in a way that I liked. (probably due to lack of skills…)

Let me know if I can help.