Transparent navigation bar

After many attempts…EUREKA! I found a way to make the navigation bar transparent. What I did was a simple “go around” exercise. I created a 100% transparent image (.png) and put that in the navigation bar as background image. Then I created a customized class with 50% opacity of the image and color…and it is working! Hope this could help others having the same effect.


Cool! The way I got mine to be transparent was I created a class and then coloured the nav panel white and gave it an opacity of 90% - looks good! :slight_smile:

Did the same indeed, after some refinements! Thanks

Thanks for the tip. It worked for me except the menu text is also the transparent color. It is like a trans layer placed over it.

How can I brighten the text?

Thanks in advance.


Hey, add the class to your menu text and adjust it to look the way you want.