Transparent Navigation over Slide


Hi guys! I need help. Any idea how to implement a Navigation over a Carousel/Slider? @Norm over due request hehe :slight_smile:


are the nav links hiding behind the slider?


Hi @Norm,

Something like this…


Ah ok :thumbsup:


Thank @Norm, do you have a tutorial for this?


afraid not.


Hi mackyangeles…

You can try to adjust the Carousel Bloc -50 - 70 px in top adjust like this page that i have done, I don´t have an Carousel right now but i had it before, the i have set the
global to Sticky…

Good Luck


I have done the same, also with a carousel before, unfortunately it is not as smooth as if using a hero.
But the sticky nav in a hero is not able to style - at least as far as I learned while trying.