Transparent Navigation over Slide

Hi guys! I need help. Any idea how to implement a Navigation over a Carousel/Slider? @Norm over due request hehe :slight_smile:

are the nav links hiding behind the slider?

Hi @Norm,

Something like this…


Ah ok :thumbsup:


Thank @Norm, do you have a tutorial for this?

afraid not.

Hi mackyangeles…

You can try to adjust the Carousel Bloc -50 - 70 px in top adjust like this page that i have done, I don´t have an Carousel right now but i had it before, the i have set the
global to Sticky…

Good Luck

I have done the same, also with a carousel before, unfortunately it is not as smooth as if using a hero.
But the sticky nav in a hero is not able to style - at least as far as I learned while trying.

Given how attractive and popular this particular style is, it would be greatly appreciated for some way to make this happen in Blocs. The Swiper Bric has this as an option but provides a different carousel experience than Blocs.

Hello, newbie to Blocs. Is this navigation just out of the ‘box’, or is something you build yourself? Thanks.