Trial period short


Does anyone know why the trial version is only for 5 days?

It is very short time when you are busy and do not have so much time in such a short period.

Best regards, Ronald

We told Norm already that it’s to short.
He promised to change this.
@Norm ?

Yes right. You want to try and see some videos but costs a lot of time and only have each day a few hours or less

Yeah trial will be unlimited usage (opening and editing projects) soon but limited features after so many days (export, add more pages) etc.

Maybe ready before end of year.

So need to buy it already. Right Norm?

I seem to recall Scrivener has a trial period of 30 days, but it’s 30 days of active use, so if you try it for three days and then go away for two weeks, you still have 27 days the next time the app is opened. Rather than limiting features, how about a 7-10 day trial in a similar fashion to Scrivener? I also found the 5 day trial rather too limited, simply because life and work often gets in the way.