Trial version doesn't help

I need to see if this application works for me, but the Blocs app trial version is so limited that, also crashes a lot.
I’m not allowed to see the page on web browsers!
I’m not allowed to copy and paste code.

There are not many tutorials out there, so pro-people can learn how to make trend pages.

I tried to contact customer support, but like Microsoft, there is no customer support.

How did you guys try this app to see if it works or make your decision to buy it or not? Please let me know if you guys are happy with it so it can help me to buy one.


Welcome, I think there maybe some delays to support, as version 5 was just released.

I am not too familiar with the limitations on the trial.

How do you mean you can’t copy and paste code? What are you trying to achieve.

There is the Blocs Academy, which has a growing number of videos

Plus there is the Blocs knowledge base, which is pretty handy too.

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