Trouble adding hype to blocs

Hello. Happy New Year to everyone!

I am having trouble with integrating Hype into my Blocs webpage. Here’s what I have done:

  1. I have downloaded the trial version of Hype to test it out before committing to buy.
  2. I have downloaded the Hype Embed bloc from the Blocs Store and added it to my Blocs brics. I have not downloaded or installed the Hype Preview bric.
  3. Using the instructions on the Blocs user docs, I have exported a very simple animation to HTML5 and appear to have the correctly named folder with various resources inside it.
  4. When I make a new bloc on my webpage and try to drop the relevant folder into it using Finder it doesn’t appear to do anything. It then doesn’t appear on the project attachments as it should.
  5. If I then add the Hype Embed bric to my bloc, there is no dropdown on the sidebar labelled “Hype Name”
    I have tried this from scratch several times following the instructions and can’t get it to work. I am using the latest MacOS, Blocs and Hype versions. Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong? BTW, I am fairly new to Macs so you may have to be simple with your help! Thanks in advance!

Are you using the latest beta of Blocs and latest version of Hype? Both are required.

I have both, but not yet had a chance to try this out. It’s on my to do list for January.

I’m currently using Hype 4 pro and gave up using the Hype embed bric to add animations to a Blocs project - I get the same issues you are describing. Therefore, I reverted back to the old method of embedding the hype generated html file in an iframe (done via the code bric). It’s quite a simple option as long as you don’t need to preview the animation during site development. Instead, you export your blocs project to a folder and then move the hype files and resources folder into the same folder where your site is published. You are then able to preview your site/page in a browser.

Make sure you are using Blocs 3.4.3, you can download the beta here.

The current Public release of Blocs 3.4.2 doesn’t have any of the new Hype optimisations in it.

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Thanks for that bit of vital info, @Norm. That explains why the embed brick doesn’t work. I just assumed that brics on the blocs store would work with the final full version release of Blocs - I hadn’t realised some were intended only for the beta releases. Once 3.4.3 is in final release, I’ll have another go at using the embed bric.

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Thank you for your replies @Norm , @hendon52 and @Flashman - I am using the public release 3.4.2 so that would explain why it isn’t working. I will try again when the next public update is released.