Trouble with single accordion card staying collapsed?

Hey guys,

I currently have a bloc set-up that’s just a single accordion designed to be clicked & opened, however, the accordion is always open no matter what I do with the aria and data toggles. I even moved past the custom attributes set by default and tried changing via “Toggle Visibility” but alas it is always open no matter what. Any idea on if I can just go in manually and change the code here or something? Any help appreciated!

Try removing the first card, so you start with number two, then delete the others. That should do the trick.

Manually changing the IDs won’t help, I’ll have to restart?

You don’t need to change the ID or restart. Just remove the first card that is preset to remain open.

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Worked, thank you!

this workaround to delete the first card isn’t working for me…
Due to the way my page was constructed the Cards have been created from the top upwards - maybe the workaround is based on the creation order ( ID numbers)

Delete the one that’s always open on page load.

I’ll try that. Thanks