Trust Issues

So I really have trust issues with software like this, over the year I have bought countless products and non have lasted or functioned, now I have paid for the basic software license for Blocs but I do understand that there is a big learning curve and without tutorials this software is kind of useless to me, now I can hard code but like I said I noticed it wasn’t easy to do in this software without the tutorials and the templates to get this software to aid me in completing multiple web projects.
So in closing I wrote this to get feedback if it has been a hassle getting support on this product, and with the tutorials have you found that they are up to date and accurate, because I tried one on YouTube and after following that video I could not recreate what was being thought which led me to believe that either their were steps missing or a bug in software, so I would like feedback from members of this community,DM me if u feel uncomfortable posting public please.

From my point of view, blocsapp works as a base to create wonderful websites, I have created a lot since I acquired it, of course there are many things that I have to polish on my own, blocsapp is very flexible when it comes to adding extra code, if you know coding, then in a way it’s a piece of cake to make a website.

All programs, whether web or image editing, all work with trial and error, saying that you buy a program but it does not do what I want, it is silly, since you have to test each of their tools and reason for them to work and thus to extract to each tool its potential.

With blocsapp it is not very different, once you have tried and tested each of its tools, you can connect things, know where to use … for me from the beginning it was somewhat easy.

both in the forum you will find fragments, tutorials and many cases, where and how to do certain things in blocsapp, there are tutorials that you can use to understand each example tool

To finish, blocsapp continues to grow and improve, there are things that still cannot be done, but with a little extra code they can be attached, apart from that, it is an incredible tool for websites.

In the forum you can always ask if you can do what you require on a website, surely open a user who knows it and if not, surely one day it can be done.