Try upgrade version 5

I’m trying to upgrade to version 5 of blocs, but I always get a 404 page in my browser.

page 404

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I have the same “issue”

It’s not launched yet from what I can see.

I’m guessing when the home page changes from coming soon, the links should be live

Plus that link is blocs 4 from what I can see.

congratulations… is discount marketing


it’s sarcastic

download version 4.5.4 and then bla bla bla, 23.59 GMT bla bla bla… nothing works what’s the point?

You’ll see when it’s released on

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Did you expect to download and activate Blocs V5 point Midnight? :smile:

I keep refreshing the website from time to time, to see if it’s released. And if it is, we’ll all beb able to upgrade from within the app. I’m sure you’ll find comments about that in the forum too. We are fast here :wink:

So enjoy your time, grab a coffee or tea, and calm down.

Our launch sale will run from Thursday (24/11/2022) to Monday (28/11/2022) 23:59 GMT.

I didn’t write it. I am very calm, I wait because I love the program… you will agree with me when I say that if a day and a time are specified… it is a good working rule to respect it.The feeling now is like having an iphone14 package and finding a brick inside.

I see where you are coming from, but to be fair, they did not specify a launch time, only the date…(as opposed to the end-time that was specified) It’ll be there in the coming hours…


Seriously, the 24th of November just started. Give @Norm some time to upload the new webpage, the new docs and and all that stuff. That’s nothing that can be done in a minute. And frankly, even @Norm needs some sleep.

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it is useless to discuss things here that we cannot control. I would have used different words to present it all. If you write Thursday from 23.59 GMT… it is possible to download the program from 23.59 GMT, otherwise you write “during the day of…”

Does anyone really need to create a project in Blocs 5 immediately - instant?
Relax :wink:


From memory I think Blocs 4 was released around midday in the UK, so that would be under 3 hours from now. An hour or two either way changes nothing really for users over the longterm.

For those who are old enough (seriously old) to remember the 1970s TV show Kung-Fu…



I’m curious. Where does it say that? As stated here he says it’s going to be released “tomorrow” (24.11.), not stating a specific time at all.

And without wanting to be petty, but … Thursday 23.59 GMT would be tonight :wink:

Patience comes with age. Most of us are not there yet. :grin:
Note to self: Keep pressing F5! :upside_down_face:

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Davide, I really admire your enthusiasm to get your hands on Blocs 5. The community thrives on enthusiastic advocates for the app.

Hope this helps: If I remember correctly Blocs v4 was released around 11 or 12 o’ clock Belgian time (the would be GMT+1), so if Norm is aiming at the same time for release, it should be there shortly.

And I really believe it’ll be more than worth the wait.

The wait is almost over!

We can now officially tell you that the brand new version of our #NoCode, Mac website builder, Blocs 5 and Blocs 5 Plus will be available to purchase tomorrow ( Thursday 24th November ). :scream:

Our social media posts over the last few weeks have shown off a number of amazing new features coming to Blocs 5, including Site Publishing, CSS Grid, Background Masks and Customer URL paths to mention a few.

We have also published a dedicated blog post which covers everything you need to know, including information on upgrading, pricing and licensing for Blocs 5.

It’s rare you get brand new software this good, discounted on launch. This is the Black Friday deal you can’t afford to miss.

Our launch sale will run from Thursday (24/11/2022) to Monday (28/11/2022) 23:59 GMT.

Right, and where does it say the time that your‘re insisting on?

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