Trying to get img icons that are responsive and change on hover

Hello all .

I have followed some of the ideas on here and got them to change on hover by…

creating a 6 column row in a bloc and then in each adding in a

and then changing the background to the image i want on the normal and hover …

but they all bunch up together as you change the resolution eg drag the side of window in .

the result i want is similar to this site any help would be much appreciated

Thank you all in advance

Kind regards


Can you please send an url to your site too, or upload your blocs project. So it is a lot easier to help

Hi Here is the link :slight_smile:

i have also uploaded the project file test-bloc.bloc (200.3 KB)

Thank you


Here a video with a solution

The idea is to set a min-width to the right bloc

Hope this helps.



Thank you so much that really did help


MIke :slight_smile: