Turn Blocs Site To An iPhone App

Hi guys just thought id let you know that i’m now able to turn blocs sites into iPhone apps for you for a very cheap price. Incase you cannot implement all the features you want into a website. If you require this service comment below. Thanks

What would the point be?

Lets say you had an information site and you wanted it turned into an app, I could do that for you.

But the site could be just a webapp?

Some people may require some more native features such as camera use that is not available in the web.

So, I guess your service is more about an enhanced version rather than a straight copy.

Good luck.

Who wants to correct websites on an iPhone?!?

Blocs for iPad, okay … but %-]

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Hello! I think, you should read the article about how to convert website to app - https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/how-to-convert-website-to-android-app–optimal-ways-to-follow
Hope it will will be useful for you!