Turn off Google Fonts globally

My wish for today: please add a function in the Blocs App Preferences under “Manage Fonts” to disable Google Fonts completely/app wide. Or is this already there and I’m just to dumm to find it?

AND: If Google Fonts are not enabled in the project settings, why do I still see them listed?



I would also support. PS.: Attention your band page still has google fonts…

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Thanks for the heads up Piet!

Hi Piet,
found the bad boy google font. I had embedded some YouTube videos using the “nocookie” tag. Of course that didn’t change the fact that Google was still loading the font “Roboto” on the page.

After removing the YouTube videos the problem disappeared.

Thanks again!

Today with a small change he has activated the google fonts again. All fonts have been new insttalled. Checkboxen clicked of, fontsmanager checked. I have no idea where that came from. And: Unfortunately still hidden google fonts

A general disallowance of google paths including the purchased tools would be really important.