TUTORIAL VIDEO - Dropdown menu with mouseover and menu background highlighting


@Jakerlund, yours looks great! I’ll have to analyze your project settings to figure out what I did different/wrong. :confused: Thanks for your help with this! :slight_smile:


Very clear and good job. Thanks
Now, I wanted to try to get a menu appearing horizontally, maybe with a toggle visibility option. But I face 2 difficulties. First, I don’t know how to toggle visibility to several blocs. Second, I don’t know how to do a mouse over action different than showing the dropdown menu.
Can you help on it?


You can put multiple items in the toggle visibility field, separated by a comma


Great! Thanks.
I was trying space and semicolon…which was useless :slight_smile:
Now, my next step is to know how to make it appears when I put the mouse over and disappear when not over.
If you know it I’m more than curious how to do it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your fast answer.



try to put the code in the image in the page settings -> Add Code

It works only in the Browser, not in the BlocsApp Preview.


hey guys, anyone knows, how i can remove the lines (withe and blue) from the dropdown link?



@RME, It appears that you have the text set to show a (white) underline and the LI to have a bottom (blue) border. You should be able to adjust this in the class manager.


You just saved my life❣️


@Jakerlund, Is it possible to have secondary dropdowns in Blocs? like the example shown below? I’d like each to open on hover. I tried setting up using the code in your video, but all the sub-menus open on hover - even the sub-menus. So I’m presuming there’s additional code needed to accomplish that. Any help appreciated! -Randy

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This was a very good video for 2.6x. Thanks taking taking the time to make it and share it with us.
Am I right in assuming the way this is done, no longer works with Blocs 3.


Hi @KBConcepts

The creation of the dropdown menu itself has not changed in Blocs 3.

For the hover part, I have not checked yet.



Hi @KBConcepts

The hover part works as well in Blocs 3.