I just purchased Blocs and i wanted to know if there are any FREE (youtube or Vimeo) tutorials that show how to create a full website. I saw some tutorials on youtube but there on specific
topics. I need a tutorial that shows how to create a website from top to bottom.

Thank you.

Hello Sean,

Welcome to the Blocs Community!

You can get my Getting Started with Blocs 2 course for free. Blocs 3 is a bit different, but most of the steps are almost the same. https://eldar.podia.com/start

You can also check out my YouTube channel, where I post a lot of free tutorials on Blocs 3.

If you have any questions, let me know!


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Thank You.

I saw the video on the apple redesign you did. EPIC!!!
Will you be posting that to youtube?

Yes! I am working on 15 new videos for Blocs Master students, but I will share a few free videos on that Apple redesign project on YouTube.

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I bought the beginners course by @Eldar well worth the money, very easy to follow and a good teaching style. Looking to purchase his master course soon