Two brics one next to the other at the same height


is there a way to put in a row one bric next to another (at the same height)?

Example, one icon bric next to a paragraph bric not above, not below

I have not been able, just to place one above or below the other.

Is there a way?


I am not sure what are you meaning by two bricks aside. Ttwo blocs or two elements?
For the first option you have two blocs in the same row on the structure builder (first image)
For using a text with an icon aside you can use the icon heading in the Drop mode (second image)



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Thanks for helping, this is clear.

But if I wanted to put 4 icons one next to the other, for instance LinedIn, Facebook, … what is the best way?

As far as I have learnt so far, I would create a 4 columns structure and I would position the icons with custom classes.

Is it correct or is there a more elegant way?


I think the best option there is using a horizontal List, you have already some pre made in the social and brands menu, Otherwise you can create by yourself using the list in the drop mode and seting the layout in horizontal mode

Pre made bloc

Drop Mode

You can also use an horizontal list and drop inside a Icon Heading so you will have both icon and text:

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Very kind of you!

This forum is just great,

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