Two lines for the Company name in the navbar

Is it possible to have two lines for the company name next to the logo in the navbar? In our case, it would be Talisman / Oriental Rug Cleaning. Putting this on two lines would make the formatting for the mobile view a lot neater. I tried a “label” bric under the logo and then aligned the text, but it drops down too far. I made a transparent image in photoshop with the logo and the two-line text and imported it. It works in desktop view but naturally the text becomes progressively smaller with tablet and mobile views.

Since this was ask a while ago… I thought I would ask again… I would like to know if this is possible as well and see if anybody has an easy solution for two line company name in the logo at this point?

Hi @cnstnce228 and @eagle

You can put in a html <br> in the menu name to make it a two row name.

If you want it only on the mobile view check this quick tutorial.

Cheers / Johny


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@Jakerlund thanks for the post, but I want two lines in the company name that is part of the Logo. I tried your post that does work for menu name but does not work for company name.

@eagle could you show some image or drawing explaining how you want it to look?

I assume that your logo is a graphic so you could include the name text as part of the graphic. That would give you full control over the positioning too, if you wanted to integrate the two. As long as the graphic is a decent resolution, the text will look fine.

@Cmd-F good idea. I will give it a try