Ugly gap in dropdown navigation [SOLVED]

Good day to you all,
I can’t get rid of this ugly gap. Can somebody help me with that? I think it’s standard if you make a dropdown navigation. If it doesn’t have a reason why there is this gap it might be something to change in Blocs 4. But if someone thinks it’s nice or handy leave it as it is now. If there is someone who can tell me how to get rid of it, maybe something simple or a piece of code, you will make me very happy.

Have a nice day, Rob

ugly gap
(Ugly color composition in the image are for example)

Hi @LangheRob,

Try creating a class in the class manager called dropdown-menu

That padding is at the top and the bottom of the dropdown. So set the padding top and bottom to 0.

That should remove that padding.

Thank you Malachiman. It works. But why is that standard in Blocs? Does that space have a reason?

Gap gone

It’s consistent throughout BS, and is likely linked to a good basic design of white spac?? It looks right in most cases, especially if you look at the examples in the BS documentation.

But the good thing with BS is you can change it all to best fit your design. Like your case for example, it looks better without the padding. No biggie and easy to adjust.

Indeed, no problem and easy to adjust. You just need to know. Most menus are in white or there is a slight difference in color on a mouseover. Then it doesn’t matter much. I will write down the solution for when I come across this little problem again. I am rather forgetful. (Will be the age).

Thanks again and have a nice day
Ciao, Rob

I agree, id love to see all these little changes be made as standard - @Norm - can this be changed in an update?

That shouldn’t be changed at all by Blocs. It’s vanilla Bootstrap.