UI irritation - blocsapp "Add Bloc" controls in the way of content

Recently I’ve become more and more irritated by the way that the “Add Bloc” controls can get in the way of editing content if you don’t have padding to push content past the control.

The control can appear over the content that needs to be edited or selected.

I’d like to see the control appear above or below the bloc being edited, not over it, so when the mouse hovers near the top or bottom edge of a bloc, instantiate the control above or below the bloc itself.

And for the very first or last bloc? Roll the content down or up…

Just an idea.

I think that’s why the default padding for each bloc is set at 100 - it prevents this issue from occurring. I design all my page blocs at the default padding and only adjust bloc padding when the page has been completed. I guess it would be possible for the developers to implement what you suggest, but I think it would be quite a lot of work and additional application bloat to overcome an issue that is easily dealt with through simple user workflow. Just my thoughts on the matter, but maybe other users find the issue problematic, in which case, maybe there is reason to rethink how the controls are positioned - maybe placing them at the extreme left of the bloc instead of in the centre.

I have a custom bloc set to zero for padding, so each space can be altered as required. As a result I hit this issue all the time and have previously wondered why the add bloc symbol cannot be positioned slightly off centre to avoid this overlap.

Sometimes I find myself battling to differentiate and select the icons for adding brics or blocs, while contending with content, unless I open that padding up to 100. To make progress I open the padding to 100 at LG, make the change and then switch padding back to zero, however I agree this needs refinement.

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I’ve run into this problem ever since I started with blocapp, still sometimes I just change the margins to 0 when I’m done.

It would be nice if instead of the center they were aligned to one side or slightly to one side to avoid those problems. I don’t know how convenient it is though.

I think the way it’s invisioned to be used is to select the bloc in the layer nav & then only the add bloc buttons will show & then if you select the element in the layer nav then only the add bric buttons will show.

If the user interface is edited directly then maybe add bloc on the left edge of the bloc would be a better ui solution - just my 2 cents as well :slight_smile:


I think the current work around is the options button where you can disable the bloc button. It is a little annoying to have to do that though :grin: