Unable to preview Blocs 3

Upon installation of Blocs 3, the first time I attempt to preview, I’m greeted with a screen that indicates I need to configure something called “Universal Type Server” and upgrade my Adobe Flash as well. I downloaded and installed Adobe Flash, but am still seeing this:

Anyone have a solution?

That doesn’t sound right. I don’t recall seeing anything like that.

i have a similar problem when i try and preview, although mine says

‘Internal Cardo Updater error’

and nothing else

UPDATE: That issue only happened on my iMac, so it must be unique to that environment. The preview works fine on my Macbook Pro. I believe it may have something to do with Fontbook on that computer as I recall seeing something about the “Universal Type Kit” several months ago when working with Fontbook…

Are you running same os?


Universal Type Server is a product of extensis.com
Obviously you have it installed to handle fonts. Nothing to do w/ Blocs :wink:


@Bill is this what you referring to?

Could be suitcase fusion or universal type server - two different products that extensis has.


Running Mohave on Macbook and High Sierra on iMac. I installed the Suitcase 8 trial version (which I wasn’t using anyway), and my problem disappeared.

So installing suitcase fixed your preview not working?